sms script

SMS and Email Marketing Script


Client Management System:

1. Add New Client
2. Client Manage
3. Set SMS or Email Quota For specific Client

Clients Group:

1. All Groups
2. Add New Group


1. All Invoices
2. Create New Invoice

Bulk Email:

1. Send Bulk Email
2. Send Email From File
3. Email History
4. Email Providers

Bulk SMS:

1. Send Bulk SMS
2. Send SMS From File
3. Send Schedule SMS
4. Send Schedule SMS From File
5. SMS History
6. 11+ SMS Gateways Integration
7. Set Different Prices for Different SMS Gateways
8. SMS Price Plan
9. Create SMS Price Plan
10. Add SMS Price Plan features

Support Tickets Management System:

1. Create New Ticket
2. Create Support Department
3. Support Ticket Manage
4. Support Department Manage
5. Message Replay Between Administrator and Clients
6. Upload and Download Related Support Ticket Files
7. Change Support Department
8. Change Ticket Status ETC.


1. Add New Administrator
2. Administrator Manage
3. Administrator Role
4. Administrator Role Manage
5. 4 Payment Gateways

Email Templates Manage:

1. Customize Your Company Information
2. Translate Your application To any Language Using Language Handler
3. Disable SMS or Email Options for specific clients or full systems
4. Others
5. Email Notifications
6. Different Panel For Client
7. Send Email or SMS From Client Panel
8. Request for Email Or SMS Quota using Payment Gateways

Responsive Design

And Many Moreā€¦.

Conducting Online Exam And Manage
In this Online Examination PHP Script, admin can conduct multiple exams of different fields in one time. Here, you can manage many things related to exams.

Create practice exams for non-subscribed users.
You can create sections for the exam and set a different question for each section.
Also, can set the particular time each section completion.
Examiner can set the default language for giving their exam.
Further, for keeping a check on security and misconducts in exams, this script does not allow students to copy and paste the content. Also, students cannot use Right click, print, copy, cut and save keys for avoiding any fraud activity..

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