Multi School Management Application

Multi School Management System Express is the latest and most complete School Automation Software Which is suites for each and every educational institute like school, college and universities.
Specially who want to manage Multiple School from one system/server. Global Multi School Management system (GMSMS) is a fully ACL Based, Organized Features, Unlimited Language, Exclusive Reports and Secure web based Multi School Management System with well documented & clean coded.



Manage Multiple Themes


Manage Multiple Languages


1. Manage Schools
2. Academic Year
3. User Role
4. Role Permissions
5. Manage User
6. Reset User Password
7. Backup


1. Manage Classes


1. Manage Section of Classes

Class Routine:

1. Manage Class Routine


1. Manage Students
2. Admit Students


1. Student Attendance
2. Teacher Attendance
3. Employee Attendance


1. Manage Assignment


1. Exam Guide
2. Exam Term

Exam Schedule:

1. Manage Exam Schedule
2. Exam Attendance

Exam Mark:

1. Manage Mark
2. Student Mark Sheet
3. Exam Final Result
4. Mark Send by SMS
5. Mark Send by Email


1. Certificate Type
2. Generate Certificate


1. Manage Book
2. Library Member
3. Issue and Return


1. Vechile
2. Manage Route
3. Transport Member


1. Manage Hostel
2. Manage Room
3. Hostel Member


1. Compose
2. Inbox, Send
3. Draft, Trash


1. Notice
2. News
3. Holiday


1. Manage Events


1. Salary Grade
2. Salary Payment
3. Payment History


1. Income Head
2. Income
3. Invoice Create
4. Due Invoice
5. Expenditure Head
6. Expenditure


1. Income Report
2. Expenditure Report
3. Invoice Report
4. Balance Report
5. Library Report
6. Student Attendance

and alot more

Conducting Online Exam And Manage
In this Online Examination PHP Script, admin can conduct multiple exams of different fields in one time. Here, you can manage many things related to exams.

Create practice exams for non-subscribed users.
You can create sections for the exam and set a different question for each section.
Also, can set the particular time each section completion.
Examiner can set the default language for giving their exam.
Further, for keeping a check on security and misconducts in exams, this script does not allow students to copy and paste the content. Also, students cannot use Right click, print, copy, cut and save keys for avoiding any fraud activity..

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